Prof. Miquel Lurling

Associate professor at the Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Group of Wageningen University (The Netherlands). His main research focuses on eutrophication control and mitigating cyanobacterial nuisance, which includes the development of novel approaches, such as flock & lock techniques, testing products released on the market for water authorities, in-situ and whole-lake experiments, cyanotoxin analyses and the mechanisms that promote cyanobacteria blooming and toxin production. Miquel has published numerous highly cited peer-reviewed documents. He was chairman of the Plankton Ecology Group of the Societas Internationalis Limnologiae (SIL) for 12 years. In 2008, he became a board member of the Dutch Platform Ecological Restoration of Lakes, and in 2016, he launched the SIL Working Group on Lake Restoration. In 2018, he started the foundation International Water Quality Management to aid in achieving improved surface water quality worldwide.

Prof. John Smol

An undisputed authority and world leader in paleoecological and paleolimnological research. He has been researching lakes in the Arctic for many years and observing dramatic changes in Arctic ecosystems. His research horizons are vast and include problems of contemporary ecology and tracking past ecosystem changes on various time scales. He is the author of over 700 scientific articles and 24 books. His works have been cited in world literature over 50,000 times.

Prof. Jan Marcin Węsławski

Field biologist and marine ecologist. Full professor since 2000. From 2018 director of the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He spent over 50 months on polar expeditions and marine in the Arctic – from Russia through Svalbard, Greenland, to Canada. Especially interested in the relationship between marine biodiversity and climate change. Author of over 150 peer-reviewed papers, cited over 5,000 times.